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The Great Wide Open LLC is the editing company of Jeremy Brunson, an editor in Los Angeles. With over ten years of editing experience, I've worked on everything from documentary and narrative features to the latest in New Media. Please check out my latest documentary Rosetta: Audio/Visual (

Rosetta: Audio/Visual Trailer

Rosetta: Audio/Visual is the story of blue-collar, Philadelphia-based, post-metal band Rosetta and their relationship with record label Translation Loss; every album is a creative milestone, each tour a test of faith. As the music industry appears to transform, evolve, and erode around them, the bonds of friendship become threatened by the pressures of business, and Rosetta is faced with a career-altering decision: continue with Translation Loss, or release albums independently. Four years in the making, Rosetta: Audio/Visual captures the musical triumph, material sacrifice, and personal loss experienced in the name of financial, artistic, and spiritual freedom.